John Gale

John Gale provides a variety of legal services to clients in and around Miami, Florida. As a retired circuit court judge, he understands how frustrating the legal system can seem for individuals and businesses. Using his experience and knowledge, John Gale works with clients to find alternative methods to litigation for resolving legal disputes.

John Gale is an experienced mediator and arbitrator. He also provides insurance appraisals when a dispute arises between an insurance provider and a policyholder. These dispute resolution methods offer an alternative to the inefficient process of litigation. Sometimes going to court is the only option, but this is not always the case.

John Gale began his construction career at the age of 14, progressing from the field to the planning and estimating department of the company. He was a member of the Faculty and Faculty Advisor at the National Judges College and the founder of the Miami Judges College. His blend of hands-on experience in the construction industry and years of practice ruling on construction disputes in Miami, Florida give him a unique insight into resolving matters in the construction industry.

John Gale also has a great deal of experience in other fields and provides mediation and arbitration services for FAMILY LAW matters, COMMERCIAL LEGAL DISPUTES, MEDICAL MALPRACTICE and other PERSONAL INJURY cases, and REAL ESTATE.

If you would like to know more or you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discuss your options with John Gale, contact him at 305.238.2393 or by email at